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At Hampshire Green Roofing we understand the importance of hiring a company that is proven within their industry. We provide free consultations, inspections and place great importance on our assessment practices to ensure our clients are well informed and can rely on us to deliver a logistically sound and successful project.

Commercially, green roofs provide an increased chance of planning acceptance due to all the benefits they provide. Having a green roof – and working alongside an ecologist – can contribute to the building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

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Hampshire Green Roofing

With a successful and well-reputed NFRC accredited pedigree, our team brings extensive experience to all of our projects, with a reputation you can trust.

HGR's service is comprehensive, combined with a policy of honesty and transparency. Free consultations, inspections and comprehensive logistics assessments ensure our clients are well informed and can rely on us to provide a logistically sound project delivery.

Competitively priced, we are always fully H&S compliant and work with you to ensure completion on time and within budget. We also provide unrestricted aftercare so our clients can rest easy that they will continue to receive ongoing support.

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Hampshire Green Roofing is proud of the impact that we are having on our clients and in this industry. We are equally pleased to see a notable upturn in green roofs as a broader knowledge of the benefit, both commercial and environmental, becomes more established.

“I couldn’t recommend Hampshire Green Roofing enough. They impressed me with their knowledge and the cost was surprisingly reasonable. Best of all, everything was completed as agreed and on time.”

Leigh Seymour | Highfield Construction Southern Ltd.

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